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The purpose of the charity is to support, encourage, integrate with dignity, women and mothers who come from different countries of the world. The group offers support to those lacking in English skills by providing access to English language tuition, welcomes those feeling isolated within the community with low levels of confidence and self esteem, supports those migrant families suffering from hate crime and discrimination  

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At Time 4 You, we understand that most of us experience problems or situations that we struggle to deal with. Our qualified counsellors are professionally trained with a wide range of experience in all types of problems for all ages.

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💚 Welcome to Aspirations Day Program Supporters Group 💚

YOUR support enables Southend's recovery community to continue breaking the chains of addiction. 💚 This supporters group is for the recovery community and supporters and partners AKA "Angels" who want to make long term differences. 💚

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SAVS is an independent charity known as a council for voluntary service or CVS. That means we work behind the scenes to help local charities and community groups achieve their full potential.

 Sector Representation

Researching, collating and championing the voice of the community in Southend to help implement change.

 Funding & Capacity Building

Full support to all members in establishing, running and growing their organisation including funding guidance and training.

 Networking & Promotion

Sharing and celebrating the work of the Voluntary Sector with physical events, digital marketing and social media.

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